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Mauria Brough

Mauria (if you're an opera fan, it rhymes with aria) is a Creative Partner at Mindseye Project Partners specializing in concept development and writing—both for the page and the stage.

With over fifteen years of experience in communications and instructional design, Mauria has developed numerous programs for corporations across the nation, including Cessna Aircraft Company, Pella Corporation, and Yellow Book. Over the past decade, she has taken a lead role in the design and development of a comprehensive fund-raising training curriculum for Advancement Resources. During that time, she has also enjoyed the amazing opportunity to apply her eclectic background in education, theatre, dance, and writing to create and produce live, inter-media campaign launch events for colleges and universities.

In her more distant past, Mauria has worked as an actor, dancer, director, choreographer, and freelance journalist—and has played starring roles in several other less glamorous jobs.

Mauria has BAs in Theatre Arts and Education from Weber State University. She also serves as Vice President of Instructional Design for Advancement Resources.

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