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We’re a specialized production house focused
not just on telling A STORY, but the right story—YOUR story.

Photo of Clay Bergren

Clay Bergren

Creative Director

Clay has been doing this for a long, long time. As Creative Director, he taps into his experience of creating gazillions of projects to come up with the perfect approach for you.


Photo of Lynnea Golding

Lynnea Golding

Managing Partner

It’s no secret we enjoy large projects. With so many moving parts, you will revel in the day you realize Lynnea is there to keep all the spinning tops upright and in unison.

Photo of Morgan Hoss

Morgan Hoss

Team Coordinator

Like herding cats, coordinating a group of creative people can be a difficult proposition. Lucky for us, we have Morgan. She keeps us on track and makes us the reliable and effective partners we’ve come to be known for.

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Mindseye Project Partners
3349 Southgate Court SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404