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We are that invaluable resource you've been looking for to help you tackle your most challenging or high profile projects. We become an integral extension of your communications, marketing, or events team. Sometimes you just need a good partner.

Our Services


What do you want them to feel?
What do you want them to understand?
What do you want them to do?

Filmic Storytelling and Motion Design

Donor Stories

Get their story on the table in their own words. Uncover donor passions, reveal a deeper understanding of the motivations for giving, and leverage powerful stewardship opportunities.

Impact Stories

Show results of philanthropic generosity. Demonstrate how donors, friends, and advocates have made a difference through the voices of those directly impacted.


Honor those who have shown the greatest commitment to your organization. Display for recognition, capture for posterity.

Gala/Event Centerpieces

Feature your key initiative with a presentation piece that truly moves your audience. Take them from awareness and understanding, to a deeper level of commitment and ultimately, to action.

Legacy Documentaries

Document the rich heritage of the past that has established the dynamic and growing institution of today. More than just history, it is a legacy of perseverance, change, and success.

Grateful Patient and Family Stories

Provide meaningful opportunities for grateful patients and families to become engaged beyond the patient experience. Capture the inspiring stories of hope and courage from those most impacted by the life-changing care received from your institution.


Student Admissions

Present an environment that is welcoming, exciting and real. Provide prospective students with a glimpse of what life could be like. Invite them to imagine the possibilities.

Student Orientation

Reassure students and parents that they’ve made the right choice. Diminish anxiety, encourage involvement, and challenge students to excel.

Development Staff Recruitment

Help recruit and retain Development Professionals with a series of films that will differentiate your organization from all the others. With these tools, convey your culture, define expectations, and set a tone for success.



Campaign and Major Event Production

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A Seamless Emotional Journey

Integrate live presenters, musical performances, dramatic elements, a series of films, and the psychology of change to create a truly memorable experience for your audience.


Project Best and Brightest

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Let's Think Big, Together

Inform, inspire, and engage a wider, global audience through the world-changing work of the exceptional individuals within your institution.


Blended Learning Services

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More Ways to Educate

Create e-Learning or blended learning programs with powerful content to effectively communicate your message.