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Sometimes you need to do something bold

Set your institution apart from all others, generate a lot of positive buzz, develop a greater awareness from a global audience, and return to you many diverse benefits.

Imagine one of your key faculty/researchers, groundbreaking scientists, rock-star physicians, or intellectual thought-leaders describing, in their own words, the breakthrough work he/she is doing at your institution. Imagine seeing and hearing them talk about the societal problem they are trying to solve and the progress made toward that end. Imagine getting an up close and personal insight into the life, the passion, and the drive of one of this nation’s (world’s) best and brightest—the kind of individual that makes your institution his/her home.


Compelling stories, beautifully told

Imagine a series of films, each focusing on the most prized and promising areas of your institution. The stories told will be of big ideas. They will be stories of innovation, creativity, compassion, and exciting potential. The people featured will be the innovators and the creators from your institution who are driving those big ideas that are changing the world and making it a better place for all of us. These big ideas, interestingly brilliant people, and artistically shot and edited stories will draw a wide range of viewership. Distributed online as general web content, each film would act as the lure that reels people into a specially designed micro-website where their story is expanded and a call for support lives.


Big, bold ideas attract big, bold donors

Now imagine involving key corporate, foundation, or individual donors. Beyond philanthropically supporting a particular faculty endowment, chair, or program’s work, a premiere donor can leverage a portion of their philanthropic dollars by underwriting sponsorship of that feature vignette. Together, this support will:

  1. Promote science, research, scientific discovery
  2. Promote the value of rigorous academic pursuit
  3. Promote awareness/excellence of the institution
  4. Promote the excellence/importance of your faculty and students
  5. Promote the importance/potential of the featured work/project
  6. Promote each segment’s sponsor as a visionary and societal benefactor
  7. Promote the impact of additional philanthropic support

The videos within this sample video are not created by Mindseye

A big bold idea requires vision, courage, and commitment—and a good partner. We would appreciate an opportunity to share with you more of our thoughts and explore together how we can do something world-changing.