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We Understand the Way Professionals Learn

What do you want your team to learn, and what action do you want them to take?

Onboarding and on-the-job training is critical in every profession, but even more so when fundraising is involved. Everyone in a nonprofit has an impact on philanthropy, and when each individual role is understood, the organization as a whole can grow and thrive.


What is Blended Learning?

As talent managers and other leaders know, the best way to truly adopt new content is to experience it in a variety of settings. Blended learning can be any training program that combines traditional classroom methods with digital media. This type of approach is more effective, efficient, and appealing than professional training has ever been before.

From new employee orientation videos that introduce all associates to the concept of philanthropy and their appropriate roles, to interactive e-Learning modules and motion design reinforcement, we can work with you to create a truly customized curriculum of blended learning.

The blended learning services we provide can be a change agent—helping you build a culture of philanthropy across every level of your organization.

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