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A New Approach To The Big Event

The impact a campaign launch or other major event has on your audience can make the difference between “just another donor event” and a truly powerful and meaningful experience. This transformational experience is accomplished through a masterful blend of content and process. It’s in the way all the various show elements—spoken words, visual imagery, video segments, drama, and music—are conceived, designed, and woven together. Each element building upon the other, telling a compelling story, and taking your audience on a seamless emotional journey to greater engagement and a deeper commitment to your institution.


It's All About Change

Regardless of the amount of involvement any individual may have with your institution, he or she must be taken through a process of change to effectively and fully engage that person in your new campaign or initiative. This is true even for your most devoted, long-time donor.

Based on the psychology of change, we lead people from their current set of beliefs, understandings, and behaviors to a new, more desired set of beliefs, understandings, and behaviors.


A Seamless Emotional Journey

This change process will yield the best opportunity for success in clarifying your message and emotionally engaging your audience.

  1. Capture attention. Create a first impression that makes it clear this is a special time for your institution. It’s important and something very interesting and unique is about to happen.
  2. Celebrate the past. Honor the legacy of institutional and personal successes that have led to this moment. Rekindle the love and pride for the alma mater.
  3. Present the case for change. Make it clear that both the world at large and higher education are continually evolving and such change is necessary. Reinforce this message by not only suggesting what we must do or what we can become, but also what might happen if we don’t.
  4. Paint a compelling picture of the future. Visualize what will be. Make the vision real. See and hear the excitement of its potential.
  5. Roll out the plan. Share the strategy for realizing the future vision and announce the financial goal in a memorable way. Help the audience feel like they are part of something monumental and create the desire to step up to the challenge.
  6. Illuminate the benefits. Answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” on a global, regional, local, and personal level.
  7. Invite re-engagement. Invite your audience to reflect on their past experiences with your institution and the connection to their personal successes. Encourage them to explore their own passions and identify what is truly meaningful to them.
  8. Ask for a commitment. Build to an emotional climax with a dramatic and powerful call to action. Present the opportunity to make a significant difference and ensure the legacy continues. Then do “one more thing” to take your audience to the next level of inspiration and motivation.

A Phased Approach

The best way to build a road is one brick at a time. We approach major event productions with your team one phase at a time. This keeps everything on message, within budget, and on time—every step of the way.

  1. Phase One A creative Event Plan & Show Order (EPSO) is created based the unique situation and goals of the host institution. Once agreed upon, a production and presentation budget is prepared.
  2. Phase Two Based on the approved EPSO, all show elements are developed and produced.
  3. Phase Three The show is staged, rehearsed, and presented.
  4. Phase Four Post-event support materials are produced based on content created for the show, as well as show elements captured during the show. These materials can be used as fundraising and communications tools for group/individual donor presentations throughout the remainder of the campaign.

Each event outline is customized to suit your particular institution’s identity, focus, priorities, and goals. Your event will be a one-of-a-kind experience that you will be proud to present and your audience will be thrilled to have attended. The end result will generate more ownership and buy-in from your faculty and staff and more engaged and committed donors for your institution.

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