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Our Work

Mindseye Project partners


MedStar Health— MHRI Research Symposium

The MedStar Health Research Institute holds a symposium of researchers, supporters, and physicians every year. Mindseye worked with the Research Institute team to craft a patient-centered video in place of a traditional keynote speaker. This video was specifically crafted to bring the human element back to the science of research.


MedStar Health - The Power to Heal

As part of The Power to Heal campaign, a MedStar Health physician shares the story of his care experience at MedStar National Rehabilitation Network and expresses his gratitude for his colleagues and caregivers throughout his recovery. 


American Society of Hematology Foundation - Director's Cut

This impact video was created for the American Society of Hematology Foundation Annual Meeting. Mindseye spent time with the family in their home environment to capture the personality of the patients, rather than just the medical story. ASH and the ASH Foundation provide support for the family’s physician, and we captured her in the research environment. The intention of this video was to inspire ASH members about the truly life-changing work they do, as well as motivate potential ASH Foundation donors to contribute. 


Arizona State University—Campaign ASU 2020 Athletics Video

One of the video segments produced for the Campaign ASU 2020 launch event, this piece was designed to create a sense of energy and excitement while demonstrating ASU's focus on student athlete success as a key component of one of the campaign objectives: Drive Sun Devil Competitiveness. This video captures the Sun Devil spirit by focusing on the drive, determination, perseverance, and competitiveness of ASU student-athletes.


University of Florida—Opportunity Scholars

We partnered with the University of Florida to produce this powerful stewardship video designed to thank current donors and inspire new and continued support for the Florida Opportunity Scholarship Fund. Weaving together the stories of multiple scholarship recipients into a shared narrative, this segment illustrates how the program has changed recipient's lives, how they plan to leverage that change for good, and how philanthropic support made it all possible.


The Campaign for UC Davis—Breakthrough Discoveries

This was the third of three impact videos shown during the comprehensive campaign close celebration event for The Campaign for UC Davis. This video describes the inspiring breakthroughs happening at UC Davis in countless areas, including agricultural and environmental sciences, biomedical research, veterinary medicine, and cancer research. This video helped the audience recognize and celebrate the impact of their investments in the leading edge of research and discovery at UC Davis.


Oregon State University—Donor Recognition

We created this short documentary for one of Oregon State University's Donor Award members, Connie Kearney. OSU Foundation recognized Connie as the 2016 recipient of the Lifetime Trustee Award. Connie describes how OSU changed her life and how being a Trustee has kept her involved with Oregon State University long after she graduated.


University of Tennessee, Knoxville—Campaign Event Opener

This unique video was part of a comprehensive campaign launch package for University of Tennessee, Knoxville's Journey To The Top 25 Campaign. We partnered with UTK in creating the video content and programmatic consultation. This campaign kickoff differed from many others, as the launch consisted of a series of events focused on the individual colleges within the university. This video kicked off each of those events and was paired with a centerpiece film for each college.


Arizona State University—Campaign ASU 2020 Affinity Video

As part of the Campaign ASU 2020 launch experience, we wanted to awaken a sense of affinity with the university. The pre-show portion began with an inspiring performance element, an engaging welcome speaker, and this Affinity video. The video celebrates the community that naturally exists within the Sun Devil family, and demonstrates the vast possibility of connections to ASU.


Oregon State University—Students

Oregon State University Foundation came to us looking to create a piece that showcased the breadth and quality of their scholarship recipients. We jumped on board for this short film capturing these students expressing their perspective on OSU, as well as their gratitude for the donors who made their experience possible.


Texas Christian University—Student Scholarships

We put this short film together to showcase the talent of these young scholarship recipients. This video allowed them to explain why they chose Texas Christian University, how scholarships impacted their education, and gave them the opportunity to thank the donors who made it all possible.


Loma Linda University Health—A True Love Story

This is one in a series of videos featuring Loma Linda University Health donors and volunteers. Patricia and Peter describe what makes Loma Linda University Health so special and what makes them passionate about giving and volunteering at LLU Health. 


University of Southern California Viterbi—Student Thank You 2017

Mindseye Project Partners, the University of Southern California, and the amazing students from Viterbi School of Engineering, forged a partnership and created this compelling story of gratitude, hope, and promise.


Loma Linda University Health—Donor Story

One in a series of videos for Loma Linda University. This series is focused on several donors telling their story of why they feel it's so important to give back to such an amazing institution.


U.V.M.M.C.—Introduction to Philanthropy

This custom Introduction to Philanthropy video was created in partnership with Advancement Resources as part of a comprehensive training package and serves as an employee introduction into the philanthropic culture of the University of Vermont Health Network system.